Longview Charity Horse Show
Sponsorship Information

All Sponsors will receive recognition in the Show Program and will be announced during the show preceding the entrance of the sponsored class. Sponsors are encouraged to present the trophy and/or ribbons to the winners. Sponsors that fully sponsor a class will receive 4 multi-day gate passes; trophy and/or ribbon sponsors will receive 2 multi-day gate passes; and gift donations will receive 1 multi-day gate pass.
The Deadline for Listing in the Program is June 6th
$125.00 - Full class sponsorship, trophy and ribbons
$75.00 - Trophy sponsorship
$50.00 - Ribbon sponsorship
Gift Donation
 Print Out the Sponsor Form Here
If you would like to sponsor a class, select several choices from the Class List, then contact Marge Bain at marjoriebain@sbcglobal.net. Give Marge at least 3 choices of classes, and your name, address, and phone number.

Please send your check for sponsorship to Marge Bain

6285 W. 183rd
Stilwell, Kansas 66085

The Saddle Up club greatly appreciates your sponsorship, which enables us to continue to promote show horses in the Kansas City area, and to sponsor horse events for inner-city children..
Saddle Up, Inc. welcomes your involvement in the club and the horse show!

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